Child Proofing

You Absolutely Need This! Know Here Why & How Can You Child-Proof Your Home (SAFETY)

It just got real! - Those little crawls you wished for, are now leaving permanent prints of happiness on your heart. Indeed, the little one you bought in your lap has now outgrown in the blink of an eye & is ready to explore the world with their tiny hands & legs. But, wait! Are you ready to let them discover their surroundings their way? Have you child-proofed the home?

Undoubtedly, babies & even young enough children meet severe accidents at home which gives child-proofing a raise. It’s even more evident that young ones who have just begun to crawl are unaware of anything good or bad and can meet accidents accidentally! So, child-proofing & preparing the home for their unstoppable curiosity-filled heads becomes important. Here’s to know why, when, and how you need to proof your home.

Why & When to Child-proof your home?-

Whether it’s a new crawler or a young grown-up, child-proofing is important for their “SAFETY & PREVENTION OF UNINTENTIONAL ACCIDENTS AT HOME”. Yes, this is even on the statistics bar that children face most accidents at home which elevates the need to make your home resilient. But, when should you begin child-proofing your home? Child-proofing your home should begin even before when your baby arrives in the world.

Moreover, after delivery, you & your partner won’t get enough time to get the safety tools arranged in the house or even managed their mess-cleaning. So, it’s feasible to begin childproofing the home in the pre-natal phase as that way it will be more accessible. Hence, getting compact & easy-to-use web space by yourself can help you do the task, or hiring professionals can even do it.


How You Can Child-Proof Your Home? Top Tips to Accomplish Right Child-Proofing-

  1. Latches & Locks

The first & foremost thing is to control the objects with matches their short-heightened visions. Certainly, it’s crucial to put locks & latches around the cabinets, handles, drawers, etc. to make them all-injury repellent. Indeed, it benefits as they resist catching accidents with objects kept like blades, lighters, cigarettes, medicines, and more. Primarily, doing so helps clumsy & inquisitive babies to remain safe.

  1. Segregate in Boxes

Anything that seems up giving unsafe hints to your parent's soul, then put them in lock-lock sort of boxes. For instance, medicines, needles, spare coins, etc. can really give severe injuries to the little ones, which is why sorting them out helps. Thus, putting them in small containers or lock-inserted boxes aids in proofing them actually in a wise way. Moreover, the little fingers aren’t that strong enough to pull them off.

  1. Corner-holds

While the baby is in the crawling stage or just learned to walk a bit- the table corners & even the drawers might be ruinous to their inquisitive but not-so-strong heads. Certainly, your baby while crawling might look up to you & accidentally strikes his head with the sharp edge of the corner table or something else. Hence, putting soft corner holds which can be easily bought from any web store & manually installed will help.

  1. Door knob covers & locks

You can never predict when those tiny feet unknowingly move inside the room that just isn’t safe for them. Hence, adding on safety knob covers and door locks can really help you prevent the tiny ones go inside the rooms where they aren’t supposed to be. Also, it aids in avoiding babies hurt themselves on their hands & soft fingers.

  1. Anti-scald tools

If they have developed from babies to toddlers- they’ll be walking all around with like all eyes closed. Most prominently, it’s like impossible to be with them always & ever, so proofing all around your bathrooms & valves with these fixtures is essential. As babies have a lot thinner skin than adults which makes them more vulnerable to burns from hot water.

  1. Netting your balconies & windows

One of the most common accidents after tools in the house is caused by windows & balconies. Despite, all your warnings, their curiosity won’t find any alternative to contentment. So, all that comes your way is to proof the balconies & windows with nets.

  1. Cameras & Lessons

A baby while growing becomes able to understand your things. Whatever their “Babbling” sound may be, what your message is they’ll surely interpret the meaning. So, teach them with actions or whichever soft way possible about avoiding situations & what to do in cases of emergencies. In their evolution stages, you might be able to make them sit at home alone- that way installing cameras will help too.


To The Bottom Line-

Child-proofing your home even before the baby has arrived home is just the important thing for parents to do. No doubt, parenting isn’t a cakewalk & meeting the little one’s safety needs every time is something that you constantly think of for sure.

Happy Parenting!


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