Fetal Development Week-By-Week; Third Trimester Unveiled!

Two down and one to go! Yayyyy! You have successfully passed the two trimesters of pregnancy. Now, the eagerness to know about fetus development week-by-week in the third trimester is on the rage. Certainly, another excitement would be of experiencing the magical moment. Indeed, everything will be all calmed when you will hold your little heart in your hands. 

Moms, your uterus is still quite busier as the baby is also developing each day. Moreover, the doctor calls must have shifted from once a month to once every 15 days. Our previous articles added information about week-by-week fetus development in the first trimester & second trimesters. So, here’s material about third-trimester fetal development. 

Stages of Week-by-Week Fetus Development- 

  • 28th Week’s Development 

Hiiii, Momma! Take a pineapple in your hand- weighs around a kg. I too weigh the same! So, your child inside your womb measures around a kilogram. Also, the heartbeat is changing & now is a bit faster. You can only hear the beat when visiting the doctor as only a stethoscope can detect it. However, somebody else if putting ears on your belly might hit the spot. 

  • 29th Week’s Development 

A small evolution has taken place inside the womb and now the baby weighs around 1.2kg. Certainly, the baby has formed appropriately and the organs are on the verge of maturing. The vernix formed earlier is now starting to disappear. Moreover, you might feel too much breathlessness as well. 

  • 30th Week’s Development 

Every week there’s a good development as now the unborn one is weighing around 1.3 kilograms. So, it’s quite a task for your back to cope with the weight. Now, the baby has evolved with the sight to see objects. Thus, after birth, they will be able to spot things in a circle of 20-25 cm. But, moms it’s a matter of sometimes as after delivery every pain is worth it. 

  • 31st Week’s Development 

1.5kg is now approx. weight and now the baby is active enough & following many actions. Certainly, sucking fingers, rotating, and moving around. Moreover, as the child in the womb is now able to pee- the amniotic fluid will increase. There’s one thing exciting in the third trimester of pregnancy. Your baby is now recognizing & responding to sounds outside. So, try testing with somebody talking to the baby & witness him/her responding. 

  • 32nd Week’s Development 

The next coming week is all about the baby adding more weight to his/her existing one i.e., almost 1.7kg. In addition, the baby is now forming & growing day by day with finishing other organs to grow. Thus, making it a bit difficult for you to walk & you shouldn’t be surprised if you are walking like a penguin. 

  • 33rd Week’s Development

Feeling hard to breathe & tired quickly? Certain to happen as the baby has put on a little weight & is now around 1.9kgs. It is good news to hear that the nervous system & brain are fully formed. In addition, skull bones have started habituation i.e., making it easier to pass the birth canal. 

  • 34th Week’s Development 

Your baby now would have crossed 2kgs or weighed around the same. Thus, making it tougher for you to walk with dealing with frequent bathroom tours than before. You will now notice major changes in the bump as the baby starts to curl with the legs facing the chest. 

  • 35th Week’s Development 

There’s constant movement & a much heavier belly than before as the baby now weighs around 2.4kg. Certainly, the baby is getting chubbier which means it will stay at the appropriate temperature at the time of birth. 

  • 36th Week’s Development 

Whether you sneeze, cough, or laugh you might witness a little leakage- and that’s absolutely common. Now, your baby measures around 2.4kg and it is a tough one for you to move in the third trimester. 

  • 37th Week’s Development 

Yippee! Your baby can now move down and anytime will come into your arms. Your baby is active and can be expressing frowning and smiling. Each week that passes means your baby is hinting at you for the delivery time. 

  • 38th Week’s Development 

The increased stretch marks and increased weight that measures around 3 kg inclines telling you that the labor time is near. Your baby will store some sticky green fluid that later comes out as the first poo during the delivery time. In addition, it is suggested to always be in touch with the doctor if sensing something wrong. 

  • 39th to 41st Week’s Development 

The baby is on the edge of meeting you mumma and weighs between 3 to 4 kg. You can feel that an appropriately weighing watermelon is kept on your belly, in turn, stresses your back. So, mums be prepared as your baby will anytime make you feel the pain. 

To The Bottom Line-

 Heartburn, digestion, and puffiness- are some common yet additional experiences in the third trimester. The body strains due to the increased baby weight which in turn stresses on joints & ligaments. Mums, your baby has finished those two trimesters and the last is left. The journey ahead is filled with giggles & babbles. So, be ready to witness that.