Garbh Sanskar: All You Need to Know About This Practice in Pregnancy!

Did you know? 80% of baby’s brain development takes place in the womb! And Garbh Sanskar is one significant practice that is the initial teaching for the unborn baby inside the womb. Despite living inside the womb, the fetus responds to outside stimuli. In fact, it is rightly said that babies do understand and listen to what’s happening outside the womb.

Basically, it is the early education imbibed to the fetus and one of those vital 16 sanskaras for human life. Generally, every Indian female witnesses it, and no doubt this holds prominence in developing a fetus. And if you are also one about to experience it- here’s what it means & its connotation.


Garbh Sanskar: Meaning & Religious Evidences-

Garbh Sanskar generates as a Sanskrit term that is brought together two words & its meaning. Indeed, “Garbh” means “womb” and “sanskar” which inclines “teachings/education”. Certainly, it is a practice that originates from “The Vedas and Hindu Scriptures” stating the practical importance of the drill.

From the essential 16 rituals of ancient Hindu Vedas, Garbh Sanskar is a rite that helps develop a baby’s brain, physical growth, and overall well-being of fetal. However, it has expanded with other cultural events around the globe to nourish life inside the womb.

What are the Benefits of Garbh Sanskar? Here’s one piece of religious evidence- The instances can be taken from the different “Yugas”. In Mahabharata, Arjuna was plotting out battle techniques while his wife Subhadra (sister of Lord Krishna) was pregnant. He asked her to come and understand the “Chakravyuh” and most prominently “How to enter inside a Chakravyuh”. Subhadra closely watched the event of explanation which indeed the child inside the womb listened carefully. Thus, Abhimanyu (Subhadra & Arjuna’s child) excelled in cracking the entrance of Chakrvyuh. However, at the time of learning the exit ways Subhadra slept which made Abhimanyu lose on exiting techniques. Thus, everything that you see, listen to, understand, feel, eat, practice, or do anything leaves a powerful impact on the unborn child.

How Does Garbh Sanskar Help Connect Mother to the Baby in the Womb?-

It’s a fact- that a mother’s actions & gestures have a straight effect on the fetus inside. Additionally, it is the prominent thing that can shape fetal development in a certain way. Primarily, mothers affect the baby in 5 major ways-

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Physical Exertions
  • Mental Activities
  • Oxygen Intensity
  • Anxiety & Stress

Garbh Sanskar is like a psychological umbilical cord that forms a connection with the child. Indeed, it activates the brain cells & boosts the capacity to acquire learnings around. So, every emotion you depict or experience leaves an extreme impact on the fetus inside. If you are struggling with your thoughts or there’s some fear & anxiety around- it leaves an impression on the baby. So, it is essential for moms to be happy and positive which indeed keeps the unborn baby growing that way. Thus, positive eating habits, thinking processes, and activities- embed “Satva Guna” for life ahead.

Different Types of Garbh Sanskar in Pregnancy-

Garbh Sanskar specifically happens for pregnant females to keep them emotionally, physically, spiritually, and psychologically healthy. The different types are practiced to enhance the well-being of the child and mother. Thus, ideally, three months before conception, females should start these types of Garbh Sanskars-

  • Meditation
  • Relaxing sounds & songs
  • Yoga
  • Healthy & Satvik diet
  • Reading right stuff
  • Do creative & positive things
  • Connect with your child

Impact of Garbh Sanskar on the Child Inside the Womb-

The mother transforms positivity & right teaching to the child through four major neuropeptides & neuro-hormones. The way you live through the months highly reaps an environment for the baby. Most importantly, it helps the child evolve with a positive attitude & lead a healthy life. Further, mothers who practice the modes of Garbh Sanskar- lower the childbirth risks & lessen the chances of bodily defects. In addition, the events of mothers facing baby blues & postpartum depression drops down.

To The Bottom Line-

Garbh Sanskar during pregnancy plays a crucial role in the entire well-being of the mother & child. And beginning with the rituals rightly are important to embed a healthy lifestyle ahead. Further, the benefits for both child & mum are immense and carry even after childbirth.