3 Most Common Newborn Skin Conditions- You Must Know!

The only way newborns and young babies can react is through crying or just simply getting irritated & cranky. Initially, new parents or even at times experienced ones fail to understand the newborn skin issues. Consequently, the immediate knock on the overthinking’s door is the usual action undertaken.

Caregivers- Relax! We know it’s just an unbearable state to see your tiny heart experience such pain. But, little did you know- babies suffer skin issues at times that are absolutely common to happen. Certainly, a newborn’s skin is too fresh to adapt to the new environment. Thus, gradually with time it adjusts to the surroundings.

As parents, you should know the basic skin conditions that babies suffer. So, here’s what to know about common baby skin issues.

Why Newborns Have Skin Issues-

Did you know? Babies don’t grow a full skin barrier until the age of 2. Thus, their skin is susceptible to moisture loss & acquires skin irritations fast. Also, a baby’s skin is five times thinner than that of an adult. No doubt, a newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive, especially during the phases it starts adjusting to the surroundings.   

Indeed, the vulnerability makes their skin get in touch with external invaders quickly. In turn, this defencelessness mechanism invites many skin states for the little one. Rashes & redness are two common skin condition in newborns that affects their calmness.

It is noted that their skin has the tendency to lose moisture way more times quicker than that of an adult. Therefore, their skin nourishing routines are highly crucial for building their health. As baby skincare/bath products have the capability to provide the little one's skin the right care.

3 Most Common Baby Skin Issues-

  • Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is one of the most distressing & common skin issues. It affects babies from the initial months to a couple of years. Since the day the child starts wearing diapers, the constant contact of diapers against the skin causes irritations in patches. Also, prolonged dampness severely disturbs and worsens skin chafing & sensitivity. For this reason, diaper rash creams have been known to heal such skin conditions. Babies are always cranky & not at ease with the rashes on the butt skin.

  • Heat Rash

Usually, when babies are dressed in too many layers or have a fever- they suffer from heat rashes. Certainly, heat rashes are caused in hot & humid weather conditions where the sweat glands are blocked. Heat Rash is commonly called Prickly Heat. Thus, these are tiny red bumps that appear primarily on the chest, upper back, neck, and armpits. This is why it is suggested to always prefer light & cotton clothes for them.

  • Cradle Cap

A cradle cap is the formation of a crusty-greasy scalp that commonly takes place in newborns. In addition, it is one of the most usual conditions affecting young ones after diaper & heat rash. Primarily, this occurs on the scalp however, can also be spotted on the bottom area, neck curves, etc. at times. The cradle cap fades away with some home remedies if practiced appropriately. But, if it’s too stubborn to strip off then consulting a doctor is a must as then it requires appropriate creams, lotions, and shampoo.


Newborns have feathery soft skin and come up with certain helpless attitudes. Certainly, for a couple of years, it is weak and prone to acquire minor to moderate skin conditions until it becomes defensive. Simply, you will never predict when will these turn from minor/moderate to severe. Thus, it is to note that their skin should be taken care of with utmost vigilance. Also, whenever you notice something worsening or you don’t find a solution, it is vital to visit the doctor.

To The Bottom Line-

Newborns grow slowly at a defined pace. In the growth years, it stays back as the extremely apprehended thing for parents to think of their child’s development cues. Further, if you find anything not satisfying your inner parent, then consulting the doctor helps out. As prominently they can dig out the root cause of the distress your child is facing. So, parents be calm as relaxing yourself makes you find easy ways out for aiding the munchkin.