Baby Brain Development

Wondering about the Baby’s Brain Development during Pregnancy? Know Here The Benefits of Folic Acid In Pregnancy!

Being a first-time mom, all you are wishing during your pregnancy is a healthy baby birth. Certainly, turning from a woman to a mother brings immense transformations & all you will be devoted to is providing the best health to little life. Indeed, the commitment you have for your baby for the finest nourishment can incite various questions from the initial day of motherhood announcement. Thus, it is purely natural that mommas do think of their baby’s brain development since the little life is budding inside the womb.

Without a doubt, you would have scouted around different ways to boost your baby’s neural development in the prenatal period. Even, you would have asked your thousands of questions to your OB-Gynec about food, exercise, supplements, and whatnot during the pregnancy. Out of all the search sessions- one thing that remains constant & quite repeatedly heard is baby’s brain development or folic acid for baby’s brain development. So, here’s what you need to know about folic acid; its benefits, the best time to take it, how much to take, and more.

What is Folic Acid? Brief about Folic Acid-

Folic Acid in general form is a B vitamin utilized by the human body to produce new cells. In addition, it is available in terms of supplements such as OTC medications. Even, it is consumed in naturally accessible forms i.e., through foods such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, etc. However, women who aren’t expecting but are of reproductive age should have a 400mcg intake of folic acid to avoid neural & spine birth defects of the child.

How Much Should Folic Acid Women Should Consume?-

As mentioned above, a generalized measured amount of folic should be consumed by women who are in the childbearing age. But, specifically for phases, here is the standard identified amount-

  • 400mcg when planning a baby & for the first trimester
  • 600mcg in the second & third trimester
  • 500mcg while breastfeeding

TIP- Consumption of folic acid-rich foods and medicines should be done only when your OB-Gynec recommends it during & after pregnancy. Else, for regular (when not pregnant or even not planning to get pregnant) folic acid supplements should be first consulted with the doctor. For this reason, their medical expertise will tell and analyze how much & when you need it.

Importance & Benefits of Having Folic Acid While Pregnant-

Did you know? That around 5th week- your unborn baby starts developing major body parts such as the brain, spine, and heart. Indeed, the brain is the central support for the development of the spine as well. Here, folic acid helps to eliminate neural birth defects by growing red blood cells & fetus’s neural tube progress. Also, it is extremely beneficial to avoid serious defect conditions such as Anencephaly & Spina bifida.

  • Anencephaly: It is a condition where the baby is born without significant parts of the brain and skull. Certainly, babies with this disorder aren’t supported with long life.
  • Spina Bifida: It is a condition where the baby is born without the significant parts of vertebrates or commonly called the spine. Babies with this illness are permanently disabled.

In addition, folic acid intake during pregnancy helps with oral malformations, low birth weight, premature labor, inappropriate growth in the womb, miscarriage, and more. Further, for expecting mothers folic acid helps with cancers, Alzheimer’s diseases, heart strokes, etc to some extent. Certainly, folic acid in pregnancy helps with avoiding neural defects of as much as 50%.

Worth mentioning, for mothers who have their first child with neural defects, having folic acid as medically recommended can increase the chances of eliminating neural birth defects in the second pregnancy by 70%. But, taking suggestions from your OB-Gynec can assist you with a better picture of how much, when to take, and when to stop with folic acid.

To The Bottom Line-

Without a doubt, folic acid helps in forming the proper neural tube of the baby inside the womb. Each pregnancy & woman’s body differs from the other which is why taking consultation with a medical expert is advised. Moreover, it is suggested to always be conscious about the intake of general supplements as well as you might unknowingly get in trouble during such a crucial phase of life. Pregnancy is a lovely phase & you have to embrace it to the fullest.

Happy & Safe Maternity!