Baby Pacifier- Pros, Cons, and Safety

Wait! Are You Wondering If Giving Pacifier To Your Baby Is Safe? Know Here the Pros and Cons of using a Pacifier for a Newborn.

The soothers are surely beneficial for the child & parents as well. Wondering, how for parents? Have a tour of this article to satiate your curiosity. Indeed, pacifiers for newborns work as a soothing utility product that relaxes them at times when they aren’t hungry but are in discomfort. Certainly, newborns & toddlers have a habit of putting their fingers & thumbs in their mouths which is why food-grade quality soothers are appropriate for their sucking provides. As a parent, you’d be always in a constant hustle to find out ways of calming the little one- where pacifiers come up as one great help.

But, somehow you would be doubtful if pacifiers are safe or not. Indeed, questions like- should I remove pacifiers when baby is sleeping? Pacifier pros and cons- will consistently strike your protective head. So, here are the answers to your long-time unheard queries about baby pacifiers or soothers.

What is a Pacifier?-

A pacifier is a soothing nipple substitute made of rubber, plastic, silicone, or any food-grade quality material. These are used for newborns & toddlers who are discomforted between the unfed sessions.

Should I remove pacifiers when the baby is sleeping? For how long is it safe for babies to keep pacifiers in their mouths?

Certainly, pacifiers for babies if made with the right quality, ensuring their oral safety- are good to go soothers. But, the question arises of how long you should let your baby keep pacifiers in their mouth. To be upfront, not more than 4-5 hours/day may involve a risk of middle ear infections. In addition, your child may become habitual of always putting it inside the mouth. However, if it is used correctly reduces the risk of SIDS- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. But, to keep in mind the pacifier should be designed with safe, non-toxic, and food-grade quality material.

TIP- Always consider your pediatrician even if it’s for the pacifier. Generally, pacifiers & soothers are unlikely to cause any harm. However, for doubtful situations, doctors can recommend the best ones or even tell you if there’s a need or not.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Pacifiers for Babies-

Generally, babies have a sucking reflex & put either their fingers or thumbs in their mouths. Elsewise, they tend to be cranky even when they are fed nicely- which is why pacifiers come as a savior. So, here are the pros & cons listed below that can help you make decisions with pacifiers for babies.


  1. Soothes a fussy baby

Babies are surely different from each other and so are their habits. Indeed, you at times will wonder why your baby is crying even after being fed well. So, here pacifiers effortlessly ease out parents’ hustle as they calm down & soothe the little one.

  1. Distracts babies swiftly

Babies get often scared by noises & disturbances around. Even, when they have a vaccination done, undergone an injection, or some medical service- pacifiers give them a relaxed feel. So, your baby gets distracted by sucking the pacifier.

  1. Settles down to sleep

You might find it struggle-some to make your baby sleep. After all the soft tunes & rhymes- now you are tired. So, pacifiers work for that as well as they settle down babies to sleep.

  1. Reduces the risk of SIDS

Generally, babies constantly possess the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome & pacifiers somehow manage to reduce the risk of SIDS.


  1. Dependency increases

Newborns develop habits much faster than expected & due to this behavior they will cry out loud whenever you pull off the soother. So, in some way, they become dependent on these utility essentials.

  1. Increased risk of MEI

The constant sucking mechanism opens up auditory tubes abnormally which paves way for secretions from the throat to ooze into the middle ear. Hence, pacifiers increase the risk of Middle ear infections.

  1. Dental issues

If a child develops a habit of using pacifiers for long-time than usual period, then it might affect their dental health. Hence, they might cause misalignment for tooth eruptions.

  1. Troubles in breast-feeding

Introducing pacifiers to babies at the right time is one important thing. Otherwise, they might disrupt breastfeeding & create interruptions for nursing sessions.

To The Bottom Line-

Knowing the pacifier’s pros and cons is essential as introducing anything to the baby comes up with many cautious approaches. So, being a caregiver it is entirely crucial to take experts’ advice & suggestions on the same.

Happy & Safe Development Unicorns!