Baby Tested and Approved Healthy Popsicle Ideas!

“Mmmmmangoes, shakes, vacations, fun, and some fruit popsicles”- what’s more kids ask for? So, here are some baby-tested and approved healthy Popsicle recipes that your child will love too. To be upfront, there isn’t anything that screams “Summers” for kids more than popsicles. No doubt, the easy homemade popsicles are healthy, delicious, and a definite treat to beat the heat.

Certainly, for mothers, it is easier to put nutrition in the tiny mouth whilst allowing them to enjoy the chilled ice lollies. Yaaa, we guessed it absolutely on point! You must be wishing for some really amazing and easy homemade fruit Popsicle recipes for your baby. Travel till the end to get along with some healthy & yummy ones.

Benefits & Importance of Homemade Popsicles for Kids-

It’s a known fact that homemade fruit popsicles are economical and easy on the pocket. Further, it makes a huge difference in the quality parameter too. Indeed, the lollies available in the market lack proper hygiene and methods of preparing them. Well, there are many benefits & importance to say, so below are some listed-

  • Brings the child closer to you

Making fruit popsicles at home doesn’t means simply preparing them at home. Rather, organize a session with your kid while making these ice lollies. Certainly, involving them in the process helps them recognize various fruits, their benefits, and importance, and brings them closer to you. Mark this parents! They will enjoy their hard work more than you when it's ready.

  • Jam-Packed with Nutrition & Colors

Homemade fruit popsicle means nutrition+fun both served frozen in a stick. And for moms, it’s a sigh of relief as you don’t have to worry or run after them to have fruits. In addition, popsicles are a great & colorful way for them to have seasonal growth. Additionally, multiple fruits mean colorful sticks frozen with essential nutrients the tiny build requires.

  • Healthy Sugars for their sweet tooth

Babies and toddlers love to eat sweetened food & have an extremely sweet tooth. Thus, homemade fruit popsicles for toddlers are an easy way out to give them natural sugars. Moreover, these sugars aren’t that bad for the body as the body easily grabs the natural sweetness. TIP- You can replace water or juice with Greek yogurt or home-sweetened curd. This is a healthier choice for their growing builds.

How to Involve Kids in Making Fruit Popsicles-

  • Ask them to collect their favorite fruits from the fridge
  • Pour fruit into molds
  • Mixing & blending work with a spatula

Easy & Homemade Popscile Recipes for Babies and Toddlers-

  1. All-Fruit Colors

Nothing beats the soft flavors of colorful fruits altogether mixed in one popsicle. So, just finely chopped fruits of your choice & not forget the little ones' tastes as well. Thus, chop fruits finely, mix them in a bow, and add them to the molds. Later, add a second layer of sweetened Greek yogurt or home-based fresh curd. Freeze and enjoy.

  1. Watermelon, coconut water, and kiwi lolly

Well, the process entirely remains the same of chopping & mixing together. However, the ingredients change a bit. So, deseed the watermelons and fine chop them followed by small-cut kiwis as well. Take out in a bowl & add coconut water to create a mix. Now, pour the mixture into the popsicle mold. Enjoy when done. TIP- You can add some pomegranate if you want to add a little red color & enhance it for health benefits.

  1. The Berry Mix

Berries are a burst of health benefits & nutrients packed in them. So, just go on chopping all the berries you have in your basket and chop them finely. Ask your little one to put them in a bowl and mix while you tell them the beenfoits of eating berries as well. Moreover, it's totally up to you to either add yogurt, coconut water, or some fresh juice. TIP- You can add mangoes(if in season) & granola as well to make it more nutriliciious.

To The Bottom Line-

Homemade Popsicles are yummy and super-healthy for the tiny tums and their growing builds. And when it comes to making self at home- it’s a fun process. so, caregivers try out these amazing fruit popsicle recipes for kids that will make them go crazy with the taste. The temptation to ask for more is definite- remember that!

Happy Nourishing!