Fetal Development Week-By-Week; Second Trimester Unveiled!

One down and two to go! Here’s more good news on the horizon as you enter the second trimester. Now, curious about fetal development week-by-week in the second trimester? You’ve landed at the right place as here you will acquire vital pieces of information on week-by-week development.

Like every other mom, you’ll too enjoy this second quarter, and becoming a little extra peppier is natural. Now, your 13th to 14th-week belly won’t have trouble with continuous bathroom trips. Sounds exciting for the mom’s evolution? What about the growth of the child budding inside? Here’s the week-by-week fetal development you need to know!

Stages of Week-by-Week Fetus Development-

  • 13th Week’s Development

Now, that you’ve stepped into the 2nd trimester you need to know that your growing one weighs around 25g. Moreover, it measures around the length of the size of a peach. Initially, you will experience little random & bumpy movements until they tend to look more obvious. In addition, the testes or ovaries develop fully, paving way for end jerks to come up.

  • 14th Week’s Development

Seen a Kiwi fruit? Your baby has developed almost like a kiwi fruit. Certainly, the head takes shape in a more round form. At the same time, your baby will start kicking which you might not feel in the beginning. Are these kicks to welcome mom in the second trimester? Only the baby knows!

  • 15th Week’s Development

From head to bottom, your baby has grown in the length of an apple. Any sound or disturbance your digestive system makes is audible to your baby. Thus, they tend to develop hearing which means they will listen to everything you communicate to them. Also, by now in the 15th week, they would have begun growing “Lanugo”- a soft hair layer on the body. Moreover, the process is extended toward the growth of eyelashes & brows.

  • 16th Week’s Development

To the size of an avocado, the little one has grown up now in the womb. Certainly, the nervous system is constantly developing which is why they might accidentally smile or frown. Moreover, your baby will sometime make fists to cutely punch you.

  • 17th Week’s Development

Your baby at this stage of the second trimester is almost like a normal-sized pomegranate. He/she must have developed nails & will definitely have unique fingerprints. In addition, they will be able to move their shut eyes, open & lose their mouth, and can listen to the noises around them.

  • 18 Week’s Development

In the 18th week, the baby weighs around a raw onion i.e., 170 to 190g. Consequently, they have developed movement of their arms and legs. Followed by practicing reflexes such as hearing, swallowing, sucking, and more.

  • 19th Week’s Development

The baby is now in the second trimester of pregnancy and has started gaining weight. Certainly, they have turned into the size of a huge tomato with preparing their teeth/gum’s first set to grow.


  • 20th Week’s Development

The 20th week in the fetus's development in the second trimester is a triumphing one. As the baby has now taken shape from head to toe and the size is almost the length of a banana. Indeed, the baby has now evolved with vernix to guard itself against amniotic fluids in the sack. With the 20th week, the baby becomes more energetic in the womb.

  • 21st Week’s Development

The baby has become heavier in the 21st week of the second trimester almost the size of a normal carrot. The baby has been refining its “lanugo” which indeed will be wiped out before birth.

  • 22nd Week’s Development

Fetal development in the second trimester has now taken a pace as the baby has grown to the size of a papaya. Certainly, they will breathe as their lungs are developed. Moreover, the baby’s taste buds are developed which means they will evolve their taste palette according to what you are eating.

  • 23rd Week’s Development

Your fetus is growing and now is measured in the size of zucchini with their fingers uniformly grown. Certainly, you will see your stomach’s skin moving as the baby moves & kicks constantly.

  • 24th Week’s Development

The fetus’s size has grown up to that of corn and is now heavier than in the past months. Certainly, this is the 6th month of pregnancy wherein some babies come out of the womb during this stage. Indeed, they are premature babies who need special supervision under medical experts in neonatal units.

  • 25th Week’s Development

In the stage-wise development of the second trimester, you must have felt hiccups and huge kicks. Getting a sudden surprise by these actions is definite. So, the baby pee’s in the amniotic fluid making it cushioned for the stability of temperature.

  • 26th Week’s Development

Your baby has grown in weight measured as around 4-5 cucumbers. By this time the child develops a lot of actions and one such is opening their eyes. But, not to fix this with eyes blinking.

  • 27th Week’s Development

By every day in the growth stage of the second trimester, fetal development evolves as the baby develops each of its organs. They tend to breathe more refined as their lungs develop. Further, they prepare to enter the third trimester for a healthy delivery.

To The Bottom Line-

What happens to the baby during the second trimester?- is the most commonly searched-for question of moms. No doubt, pregnancy is an embracing journey, and passing every stage is extremely effort-filled.