Green Leafy Vegetables for Babies; Importance, Benefits, and How to Introduce

Has your baby stepped on the stage of led-weaning? Certainly, the confusion begins on what to give babies for led-weaning and that’s quite definite. Well! One of the most definite things is that children become choosy when they aren’t habitual in eating comprehensively. So, beginning with things that carry supreme health benefits is the key step. guessed it right- Grrreeennnn Vegetables!

Certainly, kids hate to eat and even skip their meals when it comes to those bright green colors. Definitely, there aren’t aware of the miraculous health benefits but introducing them at the right time makes them become friends with green veggies. So, here’s how you can prepare green vegetables for 4-6 months old babies or munchkins.

Importance & Benefits of Eating Green Vegetables for Kids-

It’s always isn’t easy to cope with the surroundings shift for health & when you include a bunch of green veggies in your diet- it’s massive. The cheerful colors of green vegetables are jam-packed with goodness and immense goodness. Indeed, incorporating them can rage up the well-being to an unmatched level whilst building a better lifestyle for their health ahead. Definitely, the current food times hold a great impact on the nourishment sphere for kids. Thus, giving them the finest preparations can help align the health cues broadly. Here are the components briefed below to allow you to explore the advantages of green veggies for healthiness.

  • Leafy Greens contain Vitamin C & Beta Carotene which are crucial for a child’s development. In fact, babies’ bodies in the growing phase don’t have the capacity to produce vitamin C on their own. So, ensuring they get an apt amount of such nutrients in any way possible is your task to accomplish as parents.
  • After legumes or alongside them- leaf greens are the most prominent way to improve calcium quantity in the body. Indeed, for budding builds to prevent/manage osteoporosis or bone injuries and building bone mass.
  • Leafy veggies are a rich source of various nutrients such as iron, antioxidants, Vitamins (A, E, C, and K), carotenoids, etc. Indeed, which are essential for their growing body to develop.
  • Certainly, the health benefits aren’t limited to the nutrients these greens provide. But, also the prevention of serious ailments like cancers, diarrhea, early blindness, weight mgt, heart issues, high blood pressure, etc.

How to Introduce Green Leafs to Babies since an Early Age -

Your kid won’t get incited with just one color on the plate which looks like a boring meal to them. So, playing with different colors, shapes, textures, and food types will help them develop an interest in green leafs. So, here are techniques to introduce greens to your loved little ones.

  • Remember they look up to you

For anything you need to get done by the little one- you need to first question to self, Am I setting an example? Remember they look up to you for everything even if it’s the beginning of something new. So, whether you like it or not, you have to turn it into a pin-up for them to imitate.

  • Adapt the method: Food=Fun

Simple plating & boiled spinaches with lightly sprinkled salt and pepper won't excite them for sure. Rather, make food a fun & interesting game by incorporating different ways of styling it. Indeed, they will like it all multi-colored and you can even embed some games/stories into the feeding sessions.

  • Snack Splashes attract

Who said to solely cook green veggies for led-weaning babies in primary meal times? So, how will you help your child include a habit & taste for green vegetables? Moms, snack times are the savior. So, whenever they ask for those little munchings- prepare some quick and easy green veggies snacks. You can search on the web and get thousands of ideas.

  • Prepare Puress or Soups as needed

Even if your baby isn’t grown to chew food- you can still let them have green veggies through various means. Undeniably, soups & purees are two prominent forms that can help you put health in the tiny stomach. But, don’t forget to a little pepper or salt or even some other ingredient/veg to embed savory in it.

  • Do take the doctor’s take

Who knows your child’s body internally better than the person acquainted with the right medical expertise? So, always take consultation with the doctor before introducing any new thing to the baby as you never have an idea about their food intolerance.

To The Bottom Line-

Introducing new things such as green vegetables to babies who are led-weaning or have started with purees is a task. Primarily, developing taste for these things is a tough stone to crack. But, you are a Pro and will do it efficiently.

Happy Nourishing!