How to Raise a Confident Child? Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Kids

You have always wished to give your best in nurturing a child. And now have been struggling to raise a confident toddler. But did you know- babies since the early days of development need encouragement? While you might not have given attention to the part of building sureness in kids in the raw years. But, now your kid is low with self-esteem and isn’t very much with conviction social.

As a parent, you will have a constant & unidentified guilt of not enhancing the self-reliance in your child at the right time. So, how will you help boost your child’s self-confidence? Well! There are many valued ways to build self-esteem in kids. So, here’s to know about the nitty-gritty of self-confidence in children and ways to boost it.

Traits of an under-confident child-

  • Attends fewer social gatherings/irritated at such events
  • Low confidence to do things
  • Doubt themselves
  • Do not put much effort into things

Importance of Self-Esteem/Confidence in Kids-

One of the greatest gifts parents can give to their kids is inculcating self-esteem in them. As it further enables them to never give up. Certainly, children with higher confidence are always keen to explore new things around them. Whether it is their playtime or stepping into the academic phase- they become the real curious heads.

On the first note, they don’t fear failing. They are sure of their capabilities and never lose hope in anything. Kids with self-assurance are always ready to take up new lessons even after times of failing. Indeed, they believe in working hard to achieve their set goals. Thus, it is essential to assist kids with their baby steps since childhood.

TIP- There’s a hairline difference between confidence and over-confidence. Make sure to not let them acquire over-confidence. So, don’t overpraise or overdo any action that catches them with over-proudness. The primary lesson should be “No matter what you achieve, never forget the roots & point from where you’ve started”.

How to Raise a Confident Child? How Parents Can Build Self-Esteem in Kids?-

Parents are the immediate supporters of kids from day one. Mark this, your role is the game changer actually as you can either make them or break them for the rest of their life. So, here are things to acquire for inculcating confidence and assurance in children-

  • Allow them to explore: Start with the initials first and let kids explore things around confidently. If you’ll restrict their growth cues- their assurance to see new things & try out them decreases.
  • Praise them but not over-praising: Even if they have joined one block with the other in their block-building game- applaud them. Certainly, little appreciations matter to feed their confidence. However, always be mindful of not over-praising them anyways that might construct seeds of arrogance in them.
  • Model the things first: To expect them for doing things in a better way- you have to first model them. Children do what they see, which is why it is essential to first perform actions by yourself & they’’ naturally begin imitating you.
  • Make them the “Giver”: It’s absolutely organic for kids to get proud of things they have been getting & creating on their own. However, confidence isn’t limited to their actions of taking. They should turn into givers also as being helpful is another action of self-assurance. Kids who are assured of their actions are briefly familiar with their capabilities to help.
  • Aware of their strengths & weaknesses: Once your child starts growing psychologically with the evolving age- it is essential for them to know their self-cues. No child is perfect & they differ from each other. Thus, they should know on what grounds they aren’t performing well and where they are excelling at. Indeed, these are called strengths & weaknesses which are meant to be polished & refined with time.

To The Bottom Line-  

Considering the times today, kids have to be assured of their capabilities so they are anxious about what their peers are achieving. It’s the parents’ responsibility and duty to drop a seed of self-esteem in toddlers & nurture them for their whole life. Try out these measures for caregivers to foster a kid who never gives up in hurdles of life.