Is Early Reading Important for Toddlers?

“Reading is a passport to countless adventures”- and it’s your duty to allow them to discover the joyous narratives. Now, the question arrives- is early reading important for toddlers? Yes, it is! Certainly, you as a first-time parent will not know how little things can lead to big impacts. Reading in the early years cultivates a habit of becoming inclined toward being able to learn since the initial years.

“Foundation Years” are the most prominent & crucial stages in a child’s development years. No doubt, habits & conducts inculcated during the beginning times can contribute to massive changes. Undeniably, literacy is one major factor that reading incorporates in kids. Additionally, it helps them become creative and enthusiastic about discovering things. Amazed by the benefits of reading for kids? – Tour this article to get acquainted with more fascinating facts.

Importance of early reading for toddlers-

You might not know but reading to newborns since the first days of life results in their magnificent growth. Undoubtedly, reading is early childhood education and plants the roots of nurturing the academic future. Reading in the early years helps develop their-

  • Reading ability
  • Boosts brainpower
  • Inculcates creativity
  • Improves rational & logical thinking
  • Neurological & psychological growth
  • Improves language
  • Social skills & focus
  • Discipline & concentration
  • Phonics & pronunciation
  • Fluency & Vocabulary
  • Moral values
  • Decision-making

However, when you start reading to your toddler in the initial years, it paves way for their language development. Primarily, it all helps in boosting their little brain as they improve recognizing power as they catch pictures, colors, shapes, animals, people, etc.

Effects/Benefits of Reading for Kids-

The effects of reading on a child’s development emerge as the benefits. The words printed leave an immensely great impact on babies and toddlers. Initially, they are not capable to read but they have the ability to listen & grab whatever you murmur softly to them. On a broader concept, you will experience they will push themselves to speak new words. Rather than just babbling for months, they will begin saying words.

Further, reading to them while laying down by their side makes them see what’s drawn. So, reading early to children helps them recognize colors, shapes, objects, and creatures around them. Thus, when they are turning two- it becomes an easier stone to crack to teach them the basics. Understand here the effects in the face of benefits here comprehensively.

  • The benefits of storytelling in childhood help in the cognitive development of babies. They become more oriented in problem-solving, rational thinking, logical thinking, focusing on things, etc.
  • Further, kids develop a habit of becoming social by learning different genres of stories. As, each tale has a varied approach with concluding models. In addition, they value resources and people around them as they instill an approach to respecting things.
  • Whether you are the mom, dad, or any guardian reading to the child- you too discover an enhanced bond with them. Indeed, you read together, sit close, and talk about the characters or storyline. No doubt, nurturing relationships is one of the crucial steps for you to acquire with the baby.
  • One of the greatest benefits that reading benefits for babies is that it makes them friends with books. Certainly, with their growing age, you will surely not have to worry about them studying. Kids become friends with books and evolve with the bond for the future. Whether it affects their academic interactions or builds a habit of just reading- they become bookworms.

What Kind of Books to Give Children to Read?-

You can always get them some board books, picture books, interactive books, fairy tales, counting, alphabets, shapes, animals, comics, moral values, etc. You as a parent will slowly know which genre of books your kid is liking.

To The Bottom Line-

The importance of reading in early childhood offers a myriad of benefits for kids. But, when it comes to reading to your children, it helps you develop a close connection with them. Indeed, as a parent, you will gradually understand & notice the development cues in them. Of course, the day will come soon when your little one will ask you- Mom & Dad, can we go out to take some more storybooks?

Valuable Reading!