Is Loi Good for Babies and Newborns? Have a Look Here!

Is Loi Good for Babies and Newborns

Everybody has at least a fleeting recollection of their Dadi maa or Nani maa using wheat atta loi to massage a baby's back, particularly on the forehead. Baby hair removal via loi is painless since newborns are as sensitive as rose petals.

Using wheat atta Loi for babies is a beautiful Indian custom with just the right degree of tenderness for these delicate and early days! Contrary to popular belief, a loi is simply a small ball of wheat dough that has been shaped into a desired shape and dipped in oil before being massaged on your child.

A few Ayurvedic baby care techniques are covered in this blog. We shall pay particular attention to three main methods of caring for baby skin: snana with ubtan, abhyanga, and aate ki loi.

"Aate ki loi": What Is It?-

This is applied to a newborn throughout the first month of life. Turmeric and wheat flour are combined to make a soft dough. The child's body is covered in this dough after it has been coated in oil (mustard or sesame).

Why Is Loi Applied?-

Babies under one-month-old are quite sensitive, and abhyanga may be a bit harsh on their fragile bodies. Thus, the baby is handled by the loi, which has a gentler texture than human hands. Additionally, the loi aids in shaving off any extra hair from the baby's skin.

What is Abhyanga?-

An oil massage is known by the Sanskrit term abhyanga. However, strictly speaking, it's not the same as a basic massage because specific hand movements need to be made for various body areas.

When can a baby begin receiving abhyanga?-

An infant can begin undergoing abhyanga as early as one month of age.

What is the ideal oil for abhyanga?-

India's various areas use different types of oil for massages. The northern states prefer to utilize mustard oil, whereas the southern states use sesame oil, shankhpushpi, and sunflower oil. The reason for this is the weather. So, every region has its unique blend of oils for massaging.

Is Loi Good for Babies and Newborns

To The Bottom Line-

Baby crying during Loi time is inseparable but what also remains intact is the benefit of early body hair removal for newborns. So, make sure mommas you do it the best way apprehended.