Is Your Baby Chewing on Everything? Know Here About Teething: Stages, Facts, Symptoms, Age, and More!

You’re about to welcome those little new toothy soon as the cute pink gums have started swelling. Now, that your child is keeping you up in the night & is still irritated with the pain caused by teething- then this article is your help. As a new momma, you would be scouting around the web to search for the teething facts & information.

You will for sure end up panicking & juggled with the thought of what to do now. Relax! Your baby is growing & teething is one phase of their development. Here’s everything about teething: facts, symptoms, meaning, cure, stages, age, appearance order, and many more in the lane.

What is Teething?-

Teething is the phase where your newborn grows his/her first teeth, accompanied by the whole gum-filled with milk teeth sooner or later. Certainly, this is the first stage where your child develops milk teeth.

What is the right age for teething?-

A baby’s teething age or ideally teething happens between around 3 months to 1 year of age. However, the teething process differs for each child & may occur around 4 months or even can start as late as 6 months. In addition, even there have been babies who develop teeth after their 1st birthday, so defining a standard age isn’t appropriate.

Symptoms of Baby Teething Stage-

Your mother-in-law would be simply able to make it out by just seeing the pink gums if there are signs of teething. However, if you as a new momma are still not able to make it out, then having a quick go-through on these symptoms might help you. So, while your baby isn’t that comfortable with things & even with toys you are getting, this means that he might be in pain or teething. Match the signs here with the possible symptoms that indicate teething-

  • The gum where teeth are soon to erupt is sore & turns red from pink
  • Might be a little feverish
  • Rashes on the face with a little swollen cheek
  • Constant chewing of toys & fingers
  • Avoiding solid foods
  • Crying & crankiness
  • Irritation & discomfort all the time
  • Rubbing the ear continuously
  • Not able to sleep at night

If there’s anything that is still bothering your child & you might feel that’s causing extreme discomfort to them, then knocking pediatrician’s door will help. As a parent, you won’t find contentment anyways watching your newborn in pain. So, visiting the doctor or consulting them in any doubtful situations is suggested.

How to soothe a baby in the teething phase?-

In a consistent panic situation, you won’t find any way to calm down your little one. Because teething is one part of growing & relaxing them in the biological process isn’t that easy. So, here are ways to soothe them a little-

  • Bring them a teether, ensuring its food-grade quality so that they can be at a little ease
  • You can help them calm down by using a finger brush on their gums & massaging them gently
  • Give them a chilled or cool spoon so that it gives them a little relaxation
  • Give them easy-to-chew fruits/veg such as carrots, cucumber, etc.

What to avoid when baby is teething?-

  • Don’t give them OTC (over-the-counter) medicines directly
  • Be a little more cautious while your little one is teething as they might put anything in their mouth for soothing their swollen gums
  • Don’t freeze the spoon, you have to give them a cool & chilled spoon which should be adequate in temperature

Stages or Appearances of Teeth in Teething-

To The Bottom Line-

Your baby has entered the teething phase & until the jaw gets filled with all cute white eruptions- it’ll be a pain for your baby. In addition, it's certain for you to feel stressed out watching your newborn in pain all time. But, not to worry moms- it’s just a phase of them evolving & will end up soon. However, now you’ve got aided with ways to soothe them from the discomfort. Eventually, if you find a need to see the doctor- seek consultation for sure.

Happy & Safe Teething Unicorns!