Monsoon Must-Eats for Babies and Toddlers! (TODDLER SAFETY)

Floating boats, colorful umbrellas, cheese fritters, and television- is there anything else our little ones need? Yes, they need a must-eat diet in monsoons as babies have a low immunity system. The rainy seasons for kids bring joy but multiple water-borne diseases along. So, what do actually kids need other than physical protection? Thus, keeping their nutrient value dense with the right food types and variations is a must. So, Mummas and Daddies pull up your socks and start prepping for these monsoon must-eats for your child.

Foods to Boost Immunity in Kids During Monsoon-

  • Turmeric

Curcumin in turmeric works as an antioxidant to boost immunity in toddlers and even adults. Usually, Indian food incorporates turmeric as a regular ingredient and is mixed with general components that are nutrient-dense and health-oriented. However, giving them lukewarm turmeric water/milk before sleep for helping them with sound sleep. Thus, turmeric combats infections during monsoon and manages efficiently to keep kids healthy.

  • Seasonal Fruits

What’s better than a bowl filled with fruits- rather seasonal ones? Apparently, seasonal fruits are power foods that act as a shield for the body to fight infections and ailments that catch those little builds. No doubt, seasonal fruits are beneficial as they have the appropriate nutrient content inside. Thus, fruits such as cherries, litchis, jamuns, etc are some natural produces that are a must-have for kids. Also, ensuring fruits with vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants have supreme power to fight health impurities.

  • Pulses

Whether flu or cough Dal is a rich source of protein, energy, and calories whilst also being dense in other beneficial nutrients. There are numerous varieties of lentils to pick from. Pulses and lentils are both extremely beneficial to your child's health. They are high in protein and calories. Daal is one of the food categories that can assist your child fight against seasonal infections. If your child already has the flu, consider eating him daal soup to help him recover faster.

  • Soups

Hot soups during the rain provide warmth and comfort to everybody, even your child. Soups not only provide the warmth that the body requires to avoid contracting chills, but they are also one of the greatest foods to serve your sick child. Thus, embedding different vegetables that excite kids with their colors is a great and scrumptious way to make them eat veggies.

  • Dairy Foods

No doubt, milk is superb for a child’s growing build however, they might get bored. Thus, curd, smoothies, and shakes are some really yummilicious options that are delicious to have. In addition, you can be creative with these by adding fruits to escalate the taste game. Also, can end up adding some chia seeds or any other seed type that your little one likes.

  • Garlic

Garlic is high in antioxidants, which help promote immunity and regulate the body's metabolism. Garlic is incredibly flexible and may be used to flavor and spice a variety of recipes. Adding a spoonful of garlic chutney to meals is one method to get garlic into the diet. Garlic chutney is simple and tasty, and kids adore it. Adjust the quantity of spice in the chutney according to your child's age, as too much spice is not healthy for small children.

  • Ginger

Ginger is thought to have therapeutic characteristics that aid in the prevention of the flu and cold. Ginger's antibacterial and antiviral qualities aid in the fight against the flu virus. Ginger's gingerol and shagol chemicals induce sweat and reduce body warmth, as well as treat flu-related pain and irritation. While the flu weakens the digestive system, ginger ingestion improves hunger and digestion. Ginger has a variety of nutritional ingredients, including anti-inflammatory chemicals, gingerol antioxidants, and vitamins B and C, which help to relieve arthritis pain, enhance immunity, and treat cough and cold symptoms.

To the Bottom Line-

Undeniably, monsoon for toddlers means spending a happy time collecting memories. Also, stopping them might be a rebellious move creating a battle at home. So, let them enjoy the tiny droplets but arm yourself with the right foods to help them.