Red Eyes? Know about Conjunctivitis Infection Here!

Monsoons knock on your doors with pleasant weather and some hot soups for babies, perhaps! But, there’s another thing that’s trending or probably in the air right now “Pink Eye/Eye Flu”. Whether kids or adults- most people face or experience the pink eye issue. No doubt, the difficulty is the same for everyone, however, kids find it a little more problematic to deal with. So, to avoid your kid turning into an angry bird, here are some precautions to take for avoiding eye flu in kids.

Lock your belts, parents- and read ahead!

What Is Actually Conjunctivitis Infection or Eye Flu?-

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or irritation of the conjunctiva, a protective membrane that sheaths the white area of the eyeball. Pink eye, often known as infectious pink eye, is caused by a viral or bacterial infection and is extremely contagious. It can occur with colds or respiratory infection symptoms such as a sore throat.

Wearing contact lenses that have not been properly cleansed or are not your own might result in bacterial conjunctivitis. It spreads by direct contact, such as when you touch your eye after touching contaminated surfaces. When you have conjunctivitis, it is best not to share towels or personal objects. You can get the illness if you come into contact with another patient's ocular fluids.

Types of Conjunctivitis Infection-

  • Viral Conjunctivitis (watery eyes, sticky white discharge, and swollen eyes)
  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis (yellow/green discharge, itchy eyes & swollen eyes)
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis (red eyes & inflammatory discharge from the mucous release of eyes)

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis Infection-

While at times you might not know it, you might have caught the eye flu or pink eye infection. So, take note of symptoms such as redness, pain, blurry vision, fluid discharge, sticky eyes, and crusting are warning signs of Conjunctivitis Infection.

Why are Children & Working Adults at High Risk of Catching an Eye Flu?-

Reports say, that kids and adults have more chances to catch conjunctivitis as they tend to get exposed to various environmental effects. For instance, huddling between school, home, tuition, and extra classes will make kids more vulnerable to a no-win situation this problem.

How to Avoid Conjunctivitis Infection?-

Conjunctivitis infection is not something that can be walled through some extreme concrete measures. However, here are some measures to follow strictly for dodging eye infections-

  • Washing hands frequently
  • Refrain from touching the eyes constantly
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Use eye-products cautiously
  • Watch on symptoms if any
  • Eating nice

Treatment of Conjunctivitis Infection-

The treatment is primarily symptomatic. Cold compresses (for bacterial infections) and artificial tears can be acquired over the counter without a prescription to assist reduce some of the inflammation and dryness produced by conjunctivitis. However, according to doctors, it is critical to visit an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) because over-the-counter medications can cause more harm than benefit. Also, do not use steroid eye drops without a doctor's recommendation.

To The Bottom Line-

Monsoons no doubt are so relaxing to enjoy as the weather however comes with numerous health issues. Especially, kids who are vulnerable to health problems should always be prepared with the best preventive measures. So, let them float the boat in the water & enjoy those tiny droplets but not to forget arm yourselves with preventive measures.

Happy Monsoon!