Tips & Activities to Promote Crawling in Newborns! (NEWBORN DEVELOPMENT)

Experiencing the tiny accomplishments of the newborn is all so emotionally rewarding. And now, as he/she has begun to crawl- you might be searching for tips to promote crawling in babies.

Little hands and little feet, Little toothless grins so sweet, Little eyes that shine so bright, Little arms to hug you tight! Everything is little except your joy when your newborn starts to crawl. Is it their developing age that ticked you to scout for activities promoting crawling in babies? Or they have started giving you hints about their evolving milestones. As parents, these growth signs indicate that you should add your part in motivating them to do such physical development activities.

When do Babies Start to Crawl?

Looking for signs when the baby is ready to crawl? Well, the anxious feeling is definite and absolutely fine. You might not understand at first but your baby is giving you prompts. First and foremost is their age which indicates they are ready to roll over.

Certainly, most babies start crawling between 6 to 7 months. However, if your baby hasn’t started this development action yet then don’t worry. Every child grows at its own pace and is entirely different from others. In addition, another accomplishment for celebration is when the baby begins to roll. Even if it’s a half-one, rolling over from back to tummy or vice-versa- the newborn is trying hard.

Tips & Activities to Promote Crawling in Babies-
-          Start with Tummy Time
This might incite the newborn to cry rebelliously at first but over time they will turn habitual & easygoing with it. Certainly, allowing the infant to start with tummy time helps with strengthening their trunk, back, and limbs. Further, it supports them to keep their head off the ground. So, be prepared for their short protests & loud cry bursts.
-          Reduce the Time of Walkers & Baby Bouncers
It’s a proven fact that babies who spend more time in walkers and baby bouncers leave the touch with the ground. Certainly, these accessories keep children safe and rightly engaged. However, baby bouncers and walkers keep them parallel to lay down on the ground.
  • Place Objects in Front

One of the easiest ways to motivate & boost crawling motion in babies is to place an object in their front. Perhaps, toys, keys, or some stuff that catches their attention will naturally make them move forward. Certainly, they will start with a little bit of forward slipping, scooting, and eventually learning to crawl.

  • Make Sure they are Comfortable

Crawling means that the little one will explore the world through their eyes in a more grounded way. So, adjusting to anything isn't something to do for them. Indeed, make sure to keep the floor clean and safe. Further, prepare them with clothes such as rompers to cover their legs & hands nicely.

  • Let them Imitate You

Babies since their newborn stage imitate you for each action. Whether it is babbling or expressions- they surely try to copy you. So, why not take benefit of it for their own development? Thus, crawl when you are making your baby crawl. Indeed, lay down on the floor alongside them and try to crawl so that they also get motivated to copy you.

  • Mirror Motivation is a Must

Imitation is a fruitful action for giving a try however if this doesn't work- then mirror comes for help. Indeed, keep a mirror in front of the child and then promote them to crawl. Further, the newborn will see & wonder about his actions. Thus, the hit & trial will help them scoot ahead.

Should I Worry if My Baby Hasn’t Started to Crawl Yet?-

It might sound a shocking one but some babies actually don’t learn to crawl. In addition, they naturally start walking through accomplishing those little milestones. Remember, every baby has different growth cues and grows at their own speed. So, even if your baby has not started crawling yet then you need not worry. However, if you are still doubtful about their development actions then you should consult the pediatrician once.

To the Bottom Line-

Certainly, crawling in babies is a natural phenomenon. No doubt, they will crawl at their own speed. However, the tips for promoting crawling in babies as mentioned above will strengthen their hands and knees whilst motivating them.

Happy & Safe Development!