Tips While Bathing a Baby: How to Make Bath Times Happy and Playful

Laughs and Giggles- bath times are fun until your baby turns cranky. Every baby isn’t that friendly with bubbles and it becomes evident that they aren’t cooperating with baths. And if yours is grumpy & not favoring baths- then you need to work on it. Is it an assignment to complete? Yes! As a momma, you need to add spark to make their shower times- joyous ones.

Have you been doing the plain water & soap cleansing lately? Mommas, that isn’t an appealing & favorable practice for babies then. How to add a handful of cute laughs? Is there any way to figure it out? Here it is! Read here about tips for bathing a baby & making their bath times happy and playful.

Effective While Bathing a Baby-

Bathing a baby in itself is a task and stopping their crankiness is another. But, before that here are some tips to keep in mind for bathing them effectively.

  • Start with sponge baths when they are newborn
  • Always check the water temperature with your hands first
  • Avoid adding liquid body cleansers to the water
  • Prepare with the towels and stuff in advance to avoid any mishappening
  • Keep the room warm so the baby doesn’t catch cold
  • Pick the natural & baby skin-friendly bath products
  • Begin with cleaning the face first & then the body

How to Make Baby Bath Times Happy?-

  • Start building communication with them

Speaking with babies during bath times enhances their language development skills. Further, this assists them to recognize the words & their pronunciation. Moreover, it develops a great bond between you and the child. Bathing and communicating at the same time speeds up their social & cognitive growth as it allows them to explore things around them more comprehensively.

  • Add the bubble blower act

To make bath time fun for babies and toddlers, you need to make them enjoy it. Now, how will they love the cleansing times? Certainly, the blow-and-pop technique creates an adventurous aura for them to alienate the feeling of anxiety. In addition, this helps them to recreate the blow the bubbles and enact it the same way to enhance their learning.

  • Add some interesting bath toys

Tell us one kid who doesn’t loves playing with toys. Nobody, Right? So, why not add these in the bathtub other than just being kept in the room? Undoubtedly, toys are babies’ best friends since childhood & they think they are similar to them. So, building a narrative with bath toys to have a joyful bath is always fruitful. Cries & Crankiness- what’s that?

  • Foam and Poem

What’s approachable for kids other than toys? - Foam is your next pick to bump on. The foam created with the baby skincare products will help them discover a new thing to blow. Indeed, which is even escalated when some soft tunes are added. Thus, blowing foam hands-on with each other & singing cheerful songs or poems adds sparkles.

  • Add some books

Bathing times are essential to aid babies to learn from the initial age at home. If you don’t have then get some books, specially designed to be read during bath times for kids. These have visuals of different marine animals, colors, fruits, etc. Thus, these kinds of books increase babies’ power to catch on to things faster as they are acquiring information since the beginning of their toddlerhood.

  • Splash-Splash-Splash

Even if you’ve taken a bath earlier, then you might be in a state to add this method in the bathing time. Indeed to make bath times easy for a cranky baby- start with their friendship with water. And how do you do that? Water splashing on each other can boost their confidence to bathe & not fear water.

TIP- Always be attentive while giving the toys or doing any fun activity during bath time to kids.

To The Bottom Line-

How to make bath time fun for newborns and toddlers- has been one of the constant questions of mothers. Certainly, try and add these fun-oriented techniques to build friendship between bathing and your toddler.

Happy & Safe Bathing!