Ways to Avoid Picky Eating! - Raising a Happy Eater

Tongues out and squeezed faces! - Two most certain face types of picky eaters. Are you also a mom finding creative ways to avoid picky eating? Come, let’s make you familiar with how to raise a happy eater, who doesn’t pick up & throw disliked items on the side. Undoubtedly, the constant call of mothers is to just put healthy stuff in the tiny tum.

Remember your time, Parents! You too were like this who made mothers doing all efforts to chase you for just one bite. But, those times weren’t as creative as considered today. As, you can play with the ingredients & stuff, a hundred ways. So, mums! Tighten up aprons as after reading this article you will find concrete creative ways to avoid picky eating.

Tips to Avoid Picky Eating-

Making healthy food become friends with kids is the toughest task on the nourishing checklist. As a mother, you are now tired of feeding them with countless stories & hundreds of hand movements. So, here are tricks for feeding extremely picky eaters-

  1. Don’t skip introducing tastes through purees

It is often seen that babies who skip purees & led-weaning become picky eaters. For this reason, the taste buds develop from an early age and babies tend to evolve when they start having them. So, one of the most crucial factors in leaning them towards happy eating is introducing purees & led-weaning. Often, parents skip these two stages and directly start preparing for them separately. Indeed, which is just not right for them to grow the desired way.

  1. Meals need makeover

Healthy recipes for babies and toddlers that you have been making are supposed to appeal to their eyes first. The bright colors won't simply attract tiny fingers for pickup even if they look boring. Rather, the psychology of picky eaters says that the food that looks scrumptious attracts the little ones. So, twist the table with some exotic & appealing way of presenting food to babies.

  1. Involve them while cooking

Now, that your baby has entered toddlerhood, it means inviting them into cooking sessions. But with all the cautiousness! Certainly, bring them fruits & vegetable toys that can help them get through the benefits of each. For instance: while preparing a fruit salad for them; you can make them play with the toys' fruits. This will aid them in building a connection with the disliked edibles as well. In addition, be careful as you are cooking in order to avoid inviting any mishappening.

  1. Let them allow eating by self

No matter as a parent your heart fills up feeding the little ones with your hands. It feels like so much joy & a moment of endless happiness. But, is it creating a friendship between the food & baby? Primarily, Not! So, the prominent part is to let them know what they are eating & how is it adding to their health. In addition, kids who have begun eating through led-weaning are more favorably inclined towards eating every fruit/vegetable/meal.

  1. Don’t bride or force-feed

Certainly, feeding picky eaters simply doesn’t means feeding them forcefully. Else ways bribing them to eat certain foods. If you eat this- we will go out for a drive, if you eat one banana as a snack- we will eat pizza once a week. Indeed, many more luring techniques like this will make them eat for a reason or benefit that isn’t practically helping them. Thus, be realistic and avoid feeding them with additional tips & tricks.

TIP- If your baby isn’t responding in a healthy way to the meals or a particular food- then it may be a sign of some allergic reactions. Moreover, asking the pediatrician for food allergies if any is a must to avoid any kind of distress to their health.

To The Bottom Line-

You will never know when your kid turns into a picky eater. And as they start growing- you will have countless thoughts about feeding them with each healthy food. So, try incorporating some exciting ways of introduction for them to eat everything. It is hard for parents to make kids become healthy eaters & remember parents you too were the same! So, do not force feed-rather model the behavior you want.