Wondering about Your Baby’s Development in the Womb? Know It All Here!


Congratulations! You have got the good news & now are in a state of mixed emotions immediately after knowing that you have conceived. As a first-time mom-to-be, you will wonder about how your baby is growing. Signs that your pregnancy is going well in trimesters? Stages of fetal development week by week- and whatnot! Undoubtedly, these concerns are absolutely normal to happen & so is your habit of searching every little thing on the web.

Thus, you’ve landed here to gather material about the baby’s development in the womb during the first trimester. So, to all the mums, you are going to witness many magical moments ahead in this beautiful motherhood journey. Indeed get ready for all the belly kicks, mood swings, weird cravings, and much more moments in the roller-coaster ride.

Stages of Foetus Development in Pregnancy-

You may not know but the stages of pregnancy start even before you conceive and finishes at childbirth. Yes, you read it right! The fetus's development process in the womb is a multifarious & categorical one. Indeed, each stage defines some or the other minor & major evolutions of the baby which inclines to full growth at the end. To mention in a crisp brief, these stages of baby development in the womb are-

  • Germinal (1-2 weeks)
  • Embryonic (3- 8 weeks)
  • Fetal (9th week- childbirth)

Stages of Fetal Development Week-By-Week during First Trimester-

Preparation: Weeks 1 & 2

During the first two weeks, you actually aren’t pregnant & that’s a fact. Because, conception usually happens after a period of two weeks i.e., 14-15 days after your last period starts. As ovulation is measured with the beginning of the first day in the cycle i.e., the commencement of the menstrual cycle.

Fertilization: Week 3

Now, the egg & sperm will combine to form an entity termed a zygote. However, if there is a multiple egg release or the fertilized eggs fragment in two- then it may result in many zygotes. Now, the 23 chromosomes of the mother & 23 of the father measure 46, ensuing in shaping the sex & physical characteristics of the child. Thus, from the fallopian tube, these fertilized eggs incline down to the uterus.

Implantation: Week 4

After the zygote travels down the fallopian tube, it ends up becoming a morula. Now, when it enters the uterus it takes the name of the blastocyst, which warrens in the uterus lining- terming the process as implantation. In addition, the outer layer will birth the upsurge to part of the placenta that nurtures the child during the whole pregnancy period.

Increase in Hormone Levels: Week 5

Week five is often termed the third week after conception, where the blastocyst increases the levels of producing HCG hormones. Indeed, this prompts ovaries to pause egg production rather than releasing additional estrogen & progesterone. Simultaneously, hormone production gives you the initial pregnancy sign by stopping the menstrual cycle. Thus, the placenta becomes stronger, the embryo touches the size of approx 2mm, and foundations are laid down for the growth of body parts such as the heart, brain, and spinal cords.

Closure of Neural Tube: Week 6

The body starts taking a C-shape & crucial organs start forming. Moreover, the neural tube whilst the back closes, thus, supporting the development of the brain & vertebrates. Even, the formation of sense organs starts & buds give the impression of arms growth.

Development of Head: Week 7

Now, you’ve entered week 7 of pregnancy & retinas begin to form while at the same visibility of nostrils increases. Additionally, the brain & face start to grow at a good speed. Further, lower limb buds give the impression, later, forming into legs. Certainly, the arm buds now shape into paddles.

Featuring of the Nose: Week 8

Now arms turn to paddles in the eighth week of pregnancy. Certainly, ears & fingers begin to appear in a more refined way. Further, the formation of eyes can be spotted. Indeed, the neck & trunk begin to straighten up, taking their defined shape. In addition, there is an appropriate appearance of the nose and upper lip.

The appearance of Toes: Week 9

Week 9 is here with the crisp appearance of elbows & arms. Moreover, the construction of eyelids starts & toes begins to be visible. Further, the head is large in measurement while the chin is still in the structuring process & can be barely noticed.

Bending of Elbows: Week 10

The commencement of week 10 marks the shaping of the head, making it more structured & round in shape. Indeed, netting of toes and fingers ends up, leading to them becoming enhanced. Further, the visibility of the umbilical cord is improved. The baby in the womb starts bending movements of elbows.

Growth of Genitals: Week 11

The baby is now ready to enter the next stage of being called a fetus as now the head has taken its shape. Indeed, enlargement of the face, low-set ears, eye segregation, buds for teeth, and RBCs in the liver start to appear & form. Most importantly, the baby’s external genitals shape begin to structure.

Formation of Nails & Fingers: Week 12

It’s almost 10 weeks after conception & 12th week of pregnancy which has paved way for nails and fingers to erupt. Further, the face starts transforming into its more defined figure.

TIP- These are the general stages of fetal development in the womb which usually happens with every mom-to-be. However, encountering timely & routine check-ups can prevent or information about any disruption in the development process. Also, your OB-Gynec can suggest you comprehensively on the same.

To The Bottom Line-

The first trimester or week-by-week formation of the baby for the first three months is immensely crucial. As it lays down the basis of each organ & body part to develop in the coming months. Mums, everything is just going to be fine & remember not to forget your timely meetings with the doctor for better knowledge.